About us

The company was founded in 1990. From a chemist´s shop it gradually developed into the producer of industrial and household chemistry and is an exclusive importer of several foreign companies which consider us to be an ideal partner to fulfil their export ambitions.

We have renowned suppliers from Slovakia and all over Europe which safeguard a high quality of raw materials used in the production of our products.

The certified production processes, big storing capacities and countrywide logistics make us a reliable business partner.

We are here for our customers who include national and international commercial networks, wholesale and retail trade outlets and industrial companies. We are doing everything to meet the expectations and requirements of our customers


Production programme:

  • diluters and solvents
  • acids and caustic agents
  • Oils and kerosene
  • Industrial solutions
  • other


Exclusive distribution:

  • Bioclean
  • Druchema
  • Drutep
  • Severochema
  • Styl VD


Wholesal trade:

  • wide assortment
  • countrywide transport
  • long-time experience
  • knowledge of domestic market
  • Pro-active approach






Ing. Stanislav Kallo & Ingrid Lovíšková


About us
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